Friday, December 07, 2007

boy white tights*

Sometimes I look at my blog tracker (don't worry--not very often, nor in great detail) which keeps track of stats regarding how many hits i get to my blog, the general area from whence they come, etc. Here's something funny that i noticed. It has a list of keywords people have typed in Google and that's how they came upon my blog. Here are some of the best ones:

"sweet perm" hair

boy white tights

I love jello

massoman beef

boy white tights?? When on earth did i talk about anything like that. But if i did, and judging from the list of these things, if they are any indication at all of what my blog entails, then my blog is awesome. And that's basically all i wanted to say.

*now i'll be sure to get even more hits from that


The Gardner Gang said...

Oooooo! How exactly do you check a blog tracker? Do you have to be a chess-winning-money-giving-optical-positioner to figure it out, or can beginners do it too?

)en said...


the link is i think.

Sorry if that's not click-on-able. I'm lame and don't know how to make links in the comments. Anyway, and go from there. You have to paste a big link thing they give you in the body of your blog, at the very bottom of the template. I can't really remember anything else, but that's basically it, i think. Sometimes i don't know how i feel about the tracker thing. I'm not sure i want people to know i check their blog 5,000 times a day. Oh well. :)