Friday, October 19, 2007

friday frivolity

So i wanted to put up a post today but realized i didn't have anything particularly pressing on my mind that i wanted to talk about. So here's what i'm doing, and i apologize beforehand: I will open the dictionary and randomly point to a word of which i will then share my thoughts and opinions.

(and i promise not to cheat and choose another word if the one i point to is stupid or if i don't know what it is. and hey, if i don't know it, i'll just continue reading)

The word is: Lip

Well, here's my immediate thought on lip: I have somewhat large lips. You might call them full and voluptuous and you would be right, what can i say. hahaha, i am just kidding. But yeah, they're on the large and puffy side. Now I will share a secret, an insight into the enigma that is Jen.

Before I got married, I didn't think I had a super narrow list of things I looked for in a guy. I didn't really have a "type." I knew i liked funny smart guys but really, that's about it. I didn't really care if he was dark, fair, blue-eyed, whatever-eyed (i guess i prefered that he HAD eyes...), etc. Except for one thing: And I'm afraid this makes me seem quite superficial. I was concerned about lips. I guess i was kind of drawn to mouths, and i think i still am. I look at mouths, for some reason. And if i liked a guy who didn't have what i deemed sufficiently-sized lips, it could have been a deal-breaker. I just couldn't possibly imagine kissing a guy who had non-existent/super thin lips. I mean, how would that happen? I would totally overpower him and disaster would ensue. It seemed physically impossible.

And that's what i have to say about lip.

Feel free to comment on my superficiality or disclose a bit of your own. :)


Anonymous said...

It's a good thing I didn't know any of this before we started dating, or I may have attemped a perma-partial pucker as i have never considered my own lips to be remarkable in any way. That would not have been much of a courting strategy...

)en said...

what? you mean you DIDN'T have your lips at a perma-partial pucker?? because i totally thought you did, and that's basically what sealed the deal.