Thursday, October 18, 2007

hopes and wishes

It feels like Friday today, but it's not Friday. It's Thursday. But I wish it was Friday, but it's not, it's only Thursday. Tomorrow will be Friday. I hope I will be just as excited tomorrow as i was this morning when I thought it was Friday, but it wasn't.


Joel said...

Thursday is the silent killer of days. Everybody knows about Mondays and braces for them. But by Thursday your guard is down, and Friday is gleaming in the distance like the Emerald City. But Thursday yanks you back to reality and sends flying monkeys to kidnap you.
And no, I haven't seen The Wizard of Oz lately

Anonymous said...

i completely disagree. days of the week don't mean much to me anymore, but when i was in my last job and i hated everything about it, i always told myself that if i can make it through thursday, i will always have the office, which will sustain me through one more measly weekday. making it all the way to friday was too much. thursday was my strength. bless you, thursday.

)en said...

Joel, that comment is so good, it should be its own post.

I feel that, kelli. maybe they did that on purpose, (those who love us at nbc) and were sympathetic for our need to make it through the week. thus, they scheduled The Office on Thursdays. Thanks, nbc.