Monday, October 22, 2007


I furiously scribbled this on a random pad of paper last night and lest you think me braggy or conceited about something i wrote that i deem worthy to post, know that a) my standards are quite low, and b) i am extremely lazy.

First, you should i know i bought a new pen the other day.

"Every once in a while I find a pen that, turns out, found me. Years and years ago I used a pen not unlike this one. It brought my life a little bit of joy. And then I stopped using it. Something happened. Maybe it died. I don't know. But i grew up and forgot about the pen. And i never would have planned for it, it never was my intention to meet with it again. But for some reason our paths crossed, and here we are, Jen and pen reunited, with no hard feelings, and that little bit of joy has returned."


Anonymous said...

That brings back memories of pens I have had and loved.

Thank you Jen.

Joel said...

I love pens too.

Brooke said...

Jen would not be Jen without an excellent pen.