Friday, August 31, 2007

If You Had to Lose a Sense

The 2nd question of the QuestJENnaire is: What sense would you lose if you had to lose one?

Here is my original answer: tough call. My first inclination is to say "smell," but that means i lose that, and a large part of my ability to taste as well. Probably not all, though. So then I'd say taste, but then i'd for SURE lose my ability to taste, all of it, and i really love tasting food. But then, smell is cool and strange because smelling food sometimes is almost like tasting it. Plus it has this strange connection to memories. So i think i'm going to say taste.

Now I'm not so sure if i agree with that. Taste would have to be pretty hard to give up. Plus, losing my sense of smell would save me from inhaling a plethora of nasty things that i have to smell not of my own accord.

For example:
urine in the subway.
sweaty body oder in the subway, or elseplace.
dog poo or any other poo.
just general grossness as i'm out and about.

Although, if i did lose my sense of smell, that means i wouldn't be able to smell the mystery donut smell that is ever-present on a certain street corner. I have no idea if it's donuts or not for there is no evidence of a donut shop nearby. If it is donuts, that's cool and a little weird. If it's not, that's weird and a little gross. But still.. i think i might change my answer to smell.

Other responses...

My sister said: Maybe touch. It's a tough call though. If I say this does this mean that I won't feel anything? Like a spider crawling on me? I don't think I could give up taste so it still might have to be touch.

My brother said: Reality, then I could do what I wanted, say what I wanted and think what I wanted without any regard for consequences or repercussions.

Another brother said: Going to have to go with hearing. Peace and quiet all the time that would be sweet.I'd have to learn to read faster though cause subtitles can be a beast

Ha. Interesting.

Another brother said:
If I wouldn't lose my sense of taste, I'd totally go with smell. But because they're connected, that becomes a tough one. I was thinking about touch but that's too important. I have to taste my food. Maybe that would act as a good suppressant and I would totally lose weight if I lost my ability to taste. Maybe I could go around being deaf. That would suck, I'll have to go with taste too.

I'm still not sure about my answer. Aaahh! too hard. What do you think?


Darby said...

I would have to say smell, because then eating anything would be okay. I'm a texture person so that would still gross me out, but if I can't taste anything, that's okay. I can still see it, touch it, and at times hear it (?) so that would make it okay to not be able to taste it. :)

Joel said...

I'd like to lose my sense of decency. It would be fun to have no inhibitions.

)en said...

That's funny. You should hang out with my brother. :)

Darby... yeah. I think smell is probably it. I'd like to meet someone who had no sense of smell and see how it is for them.

There's no way i could lose touch. in fact, that's probably the one you couldn't live without. I mean, think about it. You wouldn't feel pain.. you'd never know if you were hurting, right? And then you'd die of gangrene that had set in your gaping wound you never knew was there.

I like how i'm critizing my sister's comment especially because she doesn't usually read this thing. Sucker! She can't defend herself..