Thursday, September 06, 2007

Slush: Ew or Woohoo?

(i...apologize for the title. there is no excuse.)

Ok, question #3 on my questJENnaire is this:

When you walk in the snow, do you like to squish the dirty slush? or are you grossed out and wish you didn't have to.

My answer: I find a small satisfaction in stepping in slush and watching it splash to the sides but the moment it starts to soak into my shoes and get my feet wet, I immediately regret I ever indulged and then curse the slush, and the heavens, for good measure. (I hate soggy feet in shoes)

My sister said: I totally love it when it's just squishy enough where it does ooze out the sides. In fact I might even search out those opportunities.

My brother said: Definitely like to step in it--hard enough to make it squish out so my foot looks like a 'big foot' foot print, but not so hard as to splash on my pants.

My other brother said: I totally agree with you. I like to "walk" on slush, not jump. Jumping causes problems especially if you're in a crowd. As soon as it gets up on the side of my shoes, it's game over.

My niece said: well, I think the slush is pretty cool, but I hate it when it gets my shoes all wet

My sister-in-law said: I am completely grossed out and usually try to step lightly in the hopes of floating atop the snow. Obviously it doesn't work. The worst is when you are wearing dress shoes.

Brooke said: I try to avoid the slush if at all possible. I do, however, find great joy in stomping through fallen leaves in autumn.

Um, IRRELEVENT, Brooke. just kidding. I like that i posted her response only to make fun. :D


Joel said...

I must agree with Brooke, just this once. Sometimes, especially on pavement, there’s a thin layer of slush that’s partially frozen. If you stomp hard, the slush sort of explodes outward. It gives you a satisfying feeling, and, as a bonus, makes the average sasquatch believer’s heart race.

Anonymous said...

I like it. It's fun to watch it shooting out to the sides when I'm walking. It makes me feel like a speedboat.

Joel said...

Sorry, I meant your brother, not Brooke.

Amy said...

Sadly, I haven't had to walk in any traces of slush or anything close to it for a long 4 years now. I'll have to re-discover that feeling come 1st snow fall. Um...what Brooke? Could you please clarify? EW or Woohoo?

Brooke said...

Ames, I think stomping in slush is "Ew."

Thank you. Clarification provided.

Darby said...

I prefer not to walk in slush at all because then my shoes are all wet and it's an uncomfortable situation all day. If I have my boots on, then slush away!