Thursday, May 25, 2006

Weird Spam Names

For, gee, months now, I've been saving funny/weird names from spam emails I get in my junk folder. Some make me chuckle, some are weird, some are just stupid. At first i was just making a list but then i started making comments on a few. I've since stopped getting spam, mysteriously, so i thought now would be a good time to post them. Here they are!

School A. Circularizing

Contenders P. Ember

Angelo Gomer

Taline Beachy

Marcelino Bubb

Headlight S. Mayoralty

Freakiest V. Harmon
(<-- and that one wasn't for porn or anything)

Nears B. Gentry (Nears?)

Sophocles Mcpeak

Bony J. Pilgrim

Rochelle E. Hallucinatio
(selling me software.)

Strangulate O. Dauntless. ("Hi, i'm Strangulate. nice to meet you." yipes.)

Slob I. Arrived (now that one's just dumb. Trying too hard to catch my attention. Well, it worked.)

Pocahontas Mix. (this one is dumb too but it got me thinking. What if some average shmo named their daughter Pocahontas? She just couldn't go by her full name. Pocahontas Johnson? No. That just wouldn't work. -Kind of like Sophocles a few back.)

Maximize A. Chairlift (Oookaaay, are they just picking random words out of the dictionary? I mean, chairlift)

Funk Rudy (i wish my name was Funk...)

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Brooke said...

I like Contenders V. Embers, just cause of how it sort of rhymes. Although Strangulate is a close second...