Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sometimes Ramen is OK

I am tired, it's been a day.
even as i stand, I sway.
along with this, i'm dying for food.
i'm induced to a state subdued.
I lack the care or energy to make
anything edible i can partake.
I got some stuff at the store,
and left it on the kitchen floor. (in bags)
I've got to eat, i can wait no more.
oh hey, what's this orange pack?
sodium-filled goodness, my jaw is slack.
chicken powder, noodles yummy,
come and fill my empty tummy.
turn the water a yellow'ish hue
my mouth waters. oh yes, you'll do.
I do not hide you, I don't deny.
I am convinced you'll satisfy.
Be grossed out, I do not care.
It looks so good, yes, boil there.
Sure it's poison, and completely fake
But i devour it for hunger's sake.
To me, right now, it IS gourmet
Sometimes Ramen is ok.

1 comment:

Lianna said...

YES! I would normally be embarassed to confess that i eat Top Ramen weekly, but sometimes there is just nothing that sounds better. My family used to be shocked that I could survive on such a thing and tell me how horrible MSG is, but I am still alive! I like your poem Jen.