Friday, February 24, 2006

28 Years Today

I once told Sean that if we were ever to have a wedding video, I would want "Storybook Story" playing in the background. It's the song at the end of Princess Bride. Ok, hush. It's a cute song. Anyway, I was flipping through an old notebook the other day and found this quickly scribbled letter I had written to him as i was passing through, and the first line is the first line of the song. Silly Jen.

Oh, and happy birthday, you.

Dearest Sean,

My love is like a storybook story. You have given me a storybook love by being the ogre in the morning, the zombie at night, and, at times, the damsel in distress. You're the wise old man to solve all my problems, the fairy godmother to comfort my woes. But you're always the hero, with whom I've fallen in love and will live happily ever after.

Love, Jen

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