Thursday, February 23, 2006

Meet Igor

Meet Igor, the little beast I found crawling across our floor the other night. I almost heard him before i saw him. This thing was HUGE! Before i get carried away with thoughts of, OH my gosh!! How long has HE been crawling around our apartment?? he must have been living here for weeks and has been sleeping in my PILLOW!!AAAaaaah!!... sean is good to say things like, "I'll bet he just crawled right under the door from outside." Then i'll stop in mid-seizure and am able to relax a little.

Anyway, so we trapped him underneath this clear plastic container. Look at those little jaw things! Actually they look like boxing gloves. He's a fighter. He's tough. Yeah, I don't know what they heck they are. They look like mandibles of some kind. Ewwww! After i got over the creepies, we had to figure out what to do with him. And, ironically, because he was so big, i felt that we couldn't just kill him like i'd normally do. But that we should take him outside and let him live. Isn't that interesting? The larger the creature, the more it deserves to live. I'll have to deal with that on my conscience later. But anyway, so Sean slid a piece of paper under the container and took him "way, waaaay to the back!" (said jen) of the yard out back and set him free.

We went back inside and, after a few minutes of feeling good about our good humane deed, Sean said, "of course... having released him in the 20-degree cold, he'll probably freeze to death now..." I'm all, "ha ha. Shoot. yeah he's all, 'thanks!'" Sean: "Thanks for not killing me quickly!" Ha ha. Darn. So much for our good deed. Still, i hate to say it, but at least he's out of our house. Look at him again. Yeeeeps!

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