Monday, February 27, 2006


I am experimenting with a new look for my blog. Actually, Sean is doing all the work for me as I am HTML-stupid. But it's a work in progress so keep checking back. Also, adding comments will help speed up the process. Just a hint.


Lianna said...

Jen, I hear you are in charge of updating Ruthie's blog. That will be fun! I wanted to ask you, how do you get the "most recent comments" thingy in the sidebar? Post on my blog to tell me if you know, thanks.
Also, I think this singer girl Mindy Smith looks like you.
Your spider creeped me out! You'd think you were in another country or something. How big was it?

)en said...

It was seriously like the size of a quarter. I'm just glad i happened to turn my head and see him when i did, otherwise--spider nest in my pillow!!!

i do know how. i'll send you the html code soon. or post it as a comment on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I'll admit it. I'm the worst sister ever and it's been a while since I've read your blog. As I perused the last few posts today, I began to silently chuckle, which turned into quiet chuckling the more I read. I was totally busting up. I realized that my chuckling was getting way too loud to be hidden any more, so I totally had to fake a cough to pretend like I wasn't reading anything humorous or non-work-related.

All of this is to say thanks for making me laugh, giving me a reason to cough to cover it up and for writing about pineapple bones and awkward moments in the temple elevator.

Anonymous said...

wow. i'm working my way down through the posts but it sounds like i have a lot to look forward to. :)

gotta love the fake-work-related noises. i did that today when i had written what i thought was a really good recipe teaser that said "Even the Easter bunny can't lay eggs like these!" cause i'm supposed to be cheesey, right? but either way bunnies don't lay eggs. and it took me several drafts to remember. kay, so that is work-related, but it still made me laugh harder than is cubicle-appropriate.