Thursday, January 19, 2006

My TV Picks

Sadly, I have must-see shows for 5 days of the week. But just one for each day. And I have none on Friday or Saturday which means I am not anti-social and I go out and have fun and talk to real people and have parties all the time!

Sunday- Grey's Anatomy (ABC, 10pm EST) I enjoy this show a lot. At first glance it's yet another medical drama but no--it's sort of a comedy and goes more in depth of the lives of these interns. And there are tender moments as well.

Monday- Medium (NBC, 10pm EST) Again, it seems like this is the 500th crime drama about a person who has strange abilities to solve crimes. The special twist of this show however is this is a real woman who can communicate in different ways with the dead. Or ways inwhich they communicate to her, rather. The writing is excellent with every new episode being great. Plus, I like how she has a real life with a real relationship with her husband and kids. Also, the show sometimes involves her family in the plot which makes it interesting. What else? Her daughter seems to have inherited her mother's capabilities. Definitely a must-see! It's creepy enough to be exciting but not too creepy to give you nightmares.

Tuesday- Gilmore Girls (WB, 8pm EST) The fast-paced dialogue is not for the dim-witted or slow listener. The writing is very smart and the show is about a very close mother and daughter and their lives and relationships. It's quirky and fun and if you're paying extra attention, you'll catch the multiple references to really funny things.

Wednesday- Lost (NBC, 9pm EST) Talk about addicted. Sean and I are both sucked into this drama about a bunch of plane crash survivors on a strange island. The plot is so twisted and crazy that it's absolutely impossible to predict anything. The writers must be going nonstop to come up with it all. We get to see what happens on the island while watching flashbacks of the survivors' lives, learning about each person's story and seeing how it all comes together on the island. Watch one episode and you'll be addicted too, i guarantee. Good family fun.

Thursday- Beauty and the Geek (WB, 9pm EST) Oh, I'm so ashamed! But this reality show is just funny. They get these unbelievably airheaded beauty queens and pair them with dorky, social skills-lacking guys and they have to compete in challenges in hopes to avoid being voted off and win $250,000 at the end. My favorite thing about this show is probably making fun of just how dumb the girls are. Oh, i watch with glee!

So that's it. I recommend all of these shows for your viewing enjoyment. Check your local listings for exact show times in your area. And if you like any of my tv picks, please share!


Rob said...

I too share a "Lost" addiction. We rented the first season and let's just say it's freaking awesome. In 6 days we have watched 5 of the 6 discs. That's 19 episodes one of which was 2 hours long. We watched 4 episodes this very evening. And you'd think I'd be ashamed but I'm not. It's just that good. But like I said we're in the first season, DON'T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS!

Anonymous said...

I guess I was unaware that you were such a fan of TV! I guess I shouldn't be, considering you know more SBTB trivia than anyone. Here's my list:
Monday: Arrested Development, the most genius television show of all time (except its been pretty much cancelled -- rent the DVDs!!)
Tuesday: Scrubs
Thursday is a big night that makes up for the rest of the week -- My Name is Earl, the Office, and Iron Chef America.

We ought to spend some time watching TV together, you know, just to prove that we don't lack social skills...

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in knowing if your American Idol obsession is still as strong as it once was. Are you watching the new season?
— Curious in Cold Town

)en said...


American Idol has lost its appeal that it once had, for reasons unknown. I catch a bit of it here and there but by no means make it a point to watch it. I do think that the first season is still the best of them all. I dunno... i don't really like watching the auditions because it grates on my very soul, and i guess to get sucked in when they start the actual competition you have to care about the contestants--which happens from watching them from way back when. So, in conclusion to this essay, my answer is, nahh.. not really.

i still love my t-shirt though. :D