Monday, January 16, 2006

Recipes á la Jen

I really should make my own cookbook which would be the biggest bestseller of all time in the history of books. Here are a few of my favorite recipes, some of them Jen Creations, others-things I just love. Try them out and report back to me. Do it!!

Bean Bowl

This is a simple dish requiring items you should already have on hand and if you don't, shame on you!


1 can black beans
tortilla chips
sour cream
shredded cheese
lime juice


1. Tear tortilla (or 1/2 tortilla) into bite-sized strips and place in a bowl.
2. Crunch up tortilla chips and place them on top of the tortilla strips in bowl. (Hey! Tortilla chips 'n strips! heh heh..)
3. Pour heated beans (1/3 can should be enough for one person) over tortilla stuff.
4. Pour some salsa on top.
5. Dab a generous spoonful of sour cream on top of that.
6. Sprinkle shreeded cheese liberally over all the contents.
7. Squirt lime juice (I use the juice from a plastic lime) all over the place and use as much as you want, or more.


Puff Pancakes


1 c. milk
1 c. flour
6 eggs
2-3 T butter or less


Time yourself to see how fast it takes you to:

1. Turn oven on to 425 degrees
2. Put butter in a big glass dish (2-3 qrt) and place dish in oven
3. Mix in bowl the eggs, milk, and flour and pour into dish w/melted butter.
4. Put dish in oven for however long it takes for your pancake to get sufficient puffs and/or until it's nice and golden brown. (usually 18-24 min)

Eat with syrup, jam, powdered sugar, or whatever the hey you want. And, feel good about eating a meal consisting of 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup flour, 3 eggs, and some butter. I mean, i don't eat half of the pan...uhh..

Grape Sandwich

This favorite of mine should be a favorite of all people.


Bread of some kind
grapes, green or red.


1. I like to use potato rolls. Open potato roll.
2. Slice grapes in half.
3. Place however many grapes you want inside roll.

Enjoy! the bread/juicy grape combo is an experience I recommend everyone trying.

Jen Deluxe


miracle whip or mayo
mustard if you want


1. Toast bread
2. Melt cheese on one slice of toast
3. spread miracle whip or mayo or mustard on the other slice.
4. slice tomato and place on either slice of toast
5. Put it all together.
6. Cut in half, diagonally

Enjoy your Jen Deluxe.

Can o' Olives


1 can medium sized Pearl olives


1. Open can
2. Drain juice
3. Eat all of the olives in one sitting.


Anonymous said...

Nothing says Jen quite like a grape sandwich. After I mentioned to Trevor's grandma that you like grape sandwiches, she admitted that she likes to make onion sandwiches. Yikes.

Brooke said...

I treasure the card in my recipe box that contains the "Jen Deluxe" directions. It's pure Jen and it makes me happy. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't help but notice a lack of EATMOT...that's coming in the "best of recipes a la jen," right?