Monday, January 30, 2006

I love...

1. popsicles
2. riding a bike really fast
3. chocolate pudding
4. a good book
5. playing tennis
6. watching suspenseful movies in the theater.
7. pillows
8. chairs
9. my apartment
10. Sean
11. catching the bus or subway train in the nick of time.
12. playing games
13. kites
14. maps
15. the stars and constellations
16. my brain and brains in general and how they work and how just plain crazy they are and what they can do, most of which we're not even aware of.
17. LOTR
18. wearing socks and flip flops
19. olives
20. playing the piano
21. the soundtrack to The Mission
22. small children
23. being in a foreign country
24. chick-fill-a
25. noticing something amazing only because i happened to look right it at that exact moment in time.
26. learning a language
27. writing stupid poems
28. eating fancy food in fancy restaurants
29. french pastries
30. Thai food
31. Mario Kart, N64 version
32. talking about dumb things as if they were serious issues.
33. my good friends
34. when i have weird adventure dreams
35. interesting bowls and cups
36. Steph's brownies
37. the Museum of Natural History
38. the planetarium
39. farmers markets
40. ciabatta bread
41. getting a free dessert
42. getting free stuff in general
43. the beach
44. Lake Powell
45. my good ol' fam
46. watching movies or playing games or cooking or basically doing anything under the sun with Sean.
47. sunsets, and the sky in general.
48. the U.S. Open
49. my birthday
50. to write, actually


Rob said...

Sorry Sean, you got beat out by pudding.

Anonymous said...

51. the hard laugh