Friday, February 03, 2006

I hate...

1. cigarette smoke
2. smelly subway trains
3. creepy men and their slimy comments
4. stepping on cereal on the kitchen floor.
5. getting dripped on by who-knows-what from above. is it water?? i can't be sure.
6. doing laundry
7. crappy customer service
8. cold weather
9. jerky people
10. black licorice
11. getting up super early
12. taking a shower
13. flakiness
14. sunlight coming through the window and blinding me
15. uneven proportions in salads (when i'm making them)
16. handling raw meat
17. being sick
18. centipedes. Please see BUGS
19. stepping in a puddle in the kitchen while wearing socks.
20. when people try to dupe me
21. being away from sean
22. doing the dishes
23. hanging up my clothes
24. the man-made air on planes
25. crazy, vomit-inducing taxi rides
26. when my hands are dirty
27. The comic strip Mutts. It is so not funny, it annoys me.
28. Scooping ice cream and getting it on my knuckles. Arrggh!

I'm sure there are more but I'm struggin' coming up with a complete 50-item list to match the other. So this is all i've got for now. Maybe you have some suggestions?


Lianna said...

I like your lists Jen.
Some possible additions to the hate list:
*waiting in lines, especially traffic.
*smelly breath
*public bathrooms
*ugly art, but for some reason it is worth thousands and in a fancy gallery.
*tube tops, mini skirts, etc.
*slow internet connection
I could list many more. Take your pick. Jen & other BYU friends, look at my blog.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when you accidently leave a Kleenex in your jeans pocket and you wash them. Then you put your hand in your pocket of your newly washed pants and get all of the icky washed Kleenex balls.

I'm not fond of that.