Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday, Last Day

Today is the last day of Steph's visit. She leaves early tomorrow morning. We are sad that she's leaving. This week has been so much fun. I think we made good use of the last day of the visit though. We went to church this morning and that was good. She and I took a bus home and bummed around while we waited for Sean to come home. When he did he made his famous jambalaya (without a mix, mind you). He made this one with rice, sausage, ham, onions, peppers, garlic powder, other spices, corn, green chili peppers, and organic tomato juice. Mmmmm! We like to add sour cream, salsa, cheese, and tortilla chips. So it's not really jambalaya. I suggested it be called "Seanbalaya" but everyone vetoed that. I don't know why; i think it's genius.

After that Sean and I did dishes while Stephanie took a mini-nap. So as to not sleep too much, she set her alarm which went off about 30 min later. ha. Nice. Although, i doubt she slept much at all anyway because i kept making such a ruckus. First i dropped a little glass that weirdly bounced like 3 times before it finally broke (curses!) and i was dropping things all over the place, like the rolling pin and various items of silverware, etc. (I think it's fun including boring details, don't you?)

After the cleaning was done, we made a yummy smoothie and played some games. First it was gyn, (gin?) I'll never really know how to spell that one, just like mirengue. Meringue. marengue?? no. Oh, forget it. We also figured out a fun way to play 3-person Catch Phrase. In case you were wondering, here's how we did it: Instead of trying to not have the disk thing when the buzzer stops, the goal is to guess as many words as you can (which each player taking turns describing the words, throughout the round), so each person is in charge of marking a tally for each one they get. Then, when the buzzer goes off, whoever guessed the most words gets to move ahead. We also played Golf, a classic card game. All of this game-playing included many many laughs. Ohhh it was fun.

After this, Steph decided she should start packing so sean and i made brownies while she did that. Mmm. brownies. Then we ate them and watched tv before heading to bed. Not the most eventful day and you're probably like, "Booorrriiing! what a waste of a post" but oh well! I never said every post would be totally hilarious and/or fascinating. In fact, I even mentioned some would even be stale. So you knew what i was when you picked me up! Or read this blog.

Before I go i'd like to mention that today marks the anniversary of the union of me and Sean. 2 years, baby! And going strong. Steph feels bad that she planned her trip over our anniversary but look, years from now, our 2-year anniversary will always stick out in our memory because it was the time when Steph was here and we had so much fun. :)

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