Saturday, October 22, 2005

Lazy, Rainy, Yummy Thai

Today has been a nice day. The weather is sooo yucky. Well, it was earlier. Pretty darn chilly, rainy, and windy. Windy rain is the worst! Yeah, goodbye useless umbrella. So we all woke up late and then ate a fab breakfast of The World's Best Pancakes, by Sean, some white grape and peach juice, bottled peaches (thanks to the in-laws for those), bacon, honeydew, and that's it. Mmmm. I think i ate at least 15 pancakes myself.

Today was also laundry day. It's so fun doing laundry after waiting 2 weeks. The pile was practically to the ceiling. Oh well. The only fun thing about doing laundry is "talking" to the Chinese lady who runs the place. At least I think she's Chinese. Anyway, i put 'talking' in quotes because she speaks very little, heavily accented English. So what she does speak is barely understood. Mostly it's "hi," "thank you," "ok," or "have a nice day." But sometimes we'll be getting quarters from her and something will happen like, say, she'll come up with the exact amount of quarters which is a funny little coincidence i guess. So we'll laugh about it and she will chatter on and on about it. But we have no idea what she's saying so we just say things like "ha ha.. yeah...crazy! lucky! So funny!" She'll do this anyway, regarding anything we're aware of or not. And we're giving obvious signs we don't understand a word but she just chatters on as if we're having the best, livliest conversation ever. Kind of funny.

Last night at the pharmacy we bought some... what else? Rosewood hair dye. Oh, the Rosewood. It's been so long. For those of you who don't know, Stephanie has been dying my hair since I was 15. It's been all shades of red, I'm sure (except for bright, cherry red, which i'm determined to do but not while i'm working at the temple, i guess) and it's sort of a tradition. So we did that yesterday. it's fun times. Not as bright as i remember but still fun. Sort of a dark purplish red, as always.

We spent much of the day just being lazy, which was nice, especially for Sean. He gets one day, one moment to be lazy, and that's Saturdays. And usually we spend them running around doing whatever--fixing up the apartment and whatnot. So it was nice. We played some cards on our NEW table(!!!) I can't tell you how nice it is to finally have a kitchen table. I mean, a table to eat MEALS on. While sitting on CHAIRS. At a normal HEIGHT! Seriously, it's been 2 years of eating meals on laps on the couch. While this is fine, it's sooo nice having a real table. Let us never take that for granted again. (pause) I think i've said that exact phrase before, regarding the toilet when ours was broken. Well, we could use it but we had to turn off the water and then turn it on again to fill the tank, then back off. That mechanism which is normally automatic is something i'll always appreciate from now on.

Later on we hopped on a bus and met some friends at Thai 101, an excellent Thai restaurant that's cheap, too! Wonderful! I got green curry w/chicken. Sean got beef with basil. Steph got yellow curry. We had a good time. I seriously love that stuff, man. Mmmm.

Afterwards we went home and made some hot chocolate in the cocomotion and that brought the day to a nice, hazelnutty close. With french vanilla ice cream. We are high class. Tomorrow is Sunday so that'll include some church-going and probably more lazing and possibly some games, hopefully. We've had such a great time with Steph. I think she should just move in here. Hey, there's the futon. It's as good as any bed...made of wood and a cloth. Just kidding. :) Bye.

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