Thursday, October 27, 2005

What Have I Been for Halloween?

Hello. Here is a list of things I've been for Halloween:

1. A witch
2. A ghost
3. A pumpkin
4. A punk rocker
5. A duck
6. An ice cream cone (<--i won several prizes with this one)
7. A football player
8. A baseball player
9. A vampire
10. A watermelon slice
*11. Prom Queen 1985
*12. A devil
*13. A zombie

And that's all I can remember. I'll add to the list if i can think of anything else.

What have YOU been for Halloween?

* = in my college years


Anonymous said...

Some of my most memorable costumes have been the following:

1. a business man (a costume I couldn't wear trick-or-treating because I threw up just as I was tying my tie)
2. a die, as in a pair of dice (what prompted that idea?)
3. an angel to match your devil
4. Mrs. Claus (because I was looking for the most "un-Halloween" costume during my rebellious years)
5. a grandpa, complete with cane and my red grandpa slippers, which I still wear

And that's pretty much where my memory ends. I'm sure I was a witch and a gypsy and a pumpkin somewhere in there, but those are my top five.

)en said...

And who, WHO went tirck-or-treating for you when you were sick, Ash? WHO? And, still gave you your bag even though she knew you'd gotten better candy??

)en said...

p.s. i loved the die. I remember being there when we were figuring it out. I think we were just trying to think of something and Mom whipped it out. It's such a fun idea. If you had two kids, you could be dice and be tied together and no one would kidnap you because 2 kids in boxes tied together is just way too awkward.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Foolproof! Oh, I also forgot to add Richard Simmons to the list. That was a college special. P.S. Thanks for getting me all the candy when I was sick. You're such a good sister... Blah blah blah. J/K I'm glad I didn't throw up on your hat or you probably wouldn't have gone trick-or-treating for me. Sorry Steph.

Anonymous said...

My favorite costume was a tiger...but it might have been a leopard, which Andrea believes is somewhat feminine. I disagree because leopards are cold-blooded killers. (I think she envisions some tight leopard-print spandex).

Other good ones: Woody from Toy Story and Luigi. Speaking of...what about Bowser, Ash? The little paper cones aka your spikes were classic.

Anonymous said...

Trash- why were you always an old person for Halloween?

My best-of costumes:
-a clown (and i've hated my family ever since)
-mechanic (gotta love the jump suit. and any time you can rub dirt on your face before a dance)
-boy scout (i was worried they wouldn't let me into the church party cause i was cross-dressing, till someone pointed out that in this day and age they legally have to allow women to be boy scouts so it turns out they legally had to let me into the party)
-cheerleader/troll. (one of those combo costumes when it becomes too much drama deciding what to be so you "compromise." turned out to be the definition of creepy.)

Gary is lame. Except when he writes something smart and then he's just ripping off what I'm telling him as we speak. Like anything funny he says about Ash neglecting to mention her King Koopa costume. And he dresses up like a leopard.

)en said...

Ha ha. Gary the Gay Leopard... i love it.