Friday, October 21, 2005

Shopping Part II, Chocolate, and Apple Uglies

Hello. Today was shopping day part 2 in addition to chocolate day. It was a bit dreary outside. It wasn't really raining but there was this constant mist being sprayed in our faces. But it wasn't too bad. In fact, i liked it. Just kidding. Anyway, we started the day visiting Financier, a patisserie (or pastry shop) in lower Manhattan in the financial district. Kaz, my tutor friend recommended this place to me and gave me their card so i told him i'd try it out. This place was so cute! It was on this old, super narrow cobbley street with the buildings close together and shops lining the way. We ducked into the patisserie (and it was kind of amazing that we found it in the first place) and they had really yummy and pretty pastries, my favorite kind. We decided they were quite authentic as far as being true French pastries. We got a Dutch Apple Tart, a Chocolate Rasperry Tart, and a Chocolate Caramel Dome. In fact, we actually have some pictures to show you!

Mmmm. Don't they look divine? And that they were. The inside of that dome was this creamy caramel, sort of like flan but not as gel'ish (<-- that sounds like I can't say 'jealous.') All of it was so tasty and confirmed my love of real, dark, chocolate.

After that we hit Canal Street where all the shifties sell shifty stuff for shifty prices. :) It's always a good time. The day was chilly and a bit wet so the sidewalks weren't totally crowded like they usually are, so that's good. I do find it a little disconcerting however, when the vendors whisper their products in my ear as i pass. It's like the voice of the devil trying to subtley tempt me. **watches!!** Aah! what? and i jump to the side a little, like i do when i hear the devil's voice tempting me.

Next item was going to City Bakery for the famous hot chocolate. We also got real food here and realized how ridiculously overpriced everything is. Man! We totally felt gypped until something totally funny happened that had us laughing to tears and aching bellies and backs. I think I even got a runny nose from laughing so hard. I won't try to explain here what happened; it's just too hard. But i think it's enough to know that there is laughter that still exists that is totally paralyzing and beyond your control. It's one of those things that you'll totally bust up at again at night in your bed or in the shower. And, I totally had leftover laughs, you know, when you all are laughing at something and everyone's winding down their laughing but you're still goin' strong and you need to laugh some more. Ohhh good times. So we figure we got our money's worth, just for that riotous moment.

Next stop was to an H&M at 59th street. It wasn't as good as the other one. Steph found a couple things. I spent most of the time trying to wedge myself in corners, out of the traffic flow.

After this we had some extra time before we were going to meet Sean (who works on 80th street) so we decided to meander into Strawberry. Strawberry is fun because it's even cheaper than H&M and you can often find some really good things. Like $20 jeans and whatnot. Plus, they have shoes. I really needed some boots so first we both tried on a million items including some Hobbit pants that i almost got. I think they're just cropped pants but they're not tight at all and i kind of looked like a Hobbit but I liked them. But i got a pair of jeans instead and then we made our way downstairs to the boot area. Here we spent much time debating boots and trying on 5 million kinds. I was starting to lose wind so Stephanie scouted around for some for me to try. Finally she came around the corner and said, "Here." I looked and they are these suede brown boots that come up to about mid-calf and had a cowboy boot look to them. I've totally been wanting to get cowboy boots and though these weren't that exact kind, the look they had resembled them and i was very interested. Plus they had this ornate gold stitching on the front which was really cool. I put them on and this was the best part: They're Dr. Scholls! So they felt like designer marshmallows, so comfy and squishy. Yes! Well, we both tried them on and had a sister moment (Ash, we so wish you were there. Don't feel too left out. Our jokes weren't as funny without you) and both bought them. We had also bought twin brown sweaters a couple days before so one day we'll have to schedule a day where we wear all our matchy matchies on the same day.

By the end of this, we were exhausted! It's hard trying on 500 boots. Plus, i was trying to get a boot off the shelf and i knocked down a dish of pins that scattered all over the place. The worker came and finished picking them up and then said, "You have to be careful with the stuff up here on the shelves." I said, "Yes, YOU'RE right. It's MY fault you have random crap on your display shelves" but he didn't hear me.

We finally met Sean and we did this an interesting way. We were going to get on the same train as he was, but 20 blocks further down. So he said, "Ok, i'll try to get on a car in the middle of the train and i'll pop out and look for you. If i don't see you i'll stay there and wait until we see each other and get on the next one." So we tried it. And? It totally worked. We stood waiting and when the doors opened where we were, voila! there he was. He didn't even have to get off. Excellent!

Ok, so tonight we also wanted to fit apple uglies into the plan. Apple uglies are decorating caramel apples with candy to make the ugliest face you can. It's a Halloween tradition of my family since the dawn of time so we had to do it, especially since i think they were doing it today as well. So we got some candy on the way home. By the time we got there, we were soooo tired. I think I've forgotten what it feels like to walk around without carrying a plethora of bags.

Here's a dark picture of me and steph with the "shopper's glaze" look on our faces. You might not be able to tell but oh well.

A friend of Steph's is in town visiting his brother and sister-in-law who we are actually friends with and we invited him over to do apple uglies. Here they are!

Steph's is the one with the mohawk, her friend has the purple stubble. Sean's was the creepiest, i thought, and after the initial laughing, steph and i concurred that we were going to get nightmares from looking at it. Mine is the nerdy apple who looks special. Ha ha. But he's so happy! Here's a picture just of him because he makes me laugh. I picture him saying, "Hey guys! Hey! I wanna play! C'mon, guys!" Also, the red strings coming out the side are supposed to be his arms. It's funnier if you look at him that way. Skinny arms-man.

Here are Steph and Sean with their apples. Stephanie will be happy to see this picture. ha ha. sucker.

So, that is that. Pretty fun day. Maybe i'll take a picture of the boots and put it on here. They are all sass. Good times. Oh, here's a random picture of the front of our building. Just thought it might be interesting. Sean's putting a key into the cage entry way into the hall where our apartment is. It's kind of a Hobbit door. 2 Hobbit references in one post? Not bad.

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As someone who's tried to do apple ugglies and failed miserably, i must say i'm more than a little impressed.