Thursday, October 20, 2005

Day 3, Good Day

Today was just a good day. Pretty low key, but fun still. We stayed in B-town today. First things first? Go see Sarah Betty. I've been meaning to pay her a visit because she's lonely and leaves sad messages on my phone asking if I'll visit her, messages I can't listen to because I'll feel uber-guilty, (i know, i suck). Also, I needed to return a book to her she lent to me. And, i like Sarah Betty. The book she let me borrow was Massacre at Fall Creek which was totally interesting. I really liked it, actually, and highly recommend it. She's part Cherokee and other tribes, and this book is about Native Americans in the 1800's and the whole frontier battles. So yeah, just a side note.

I thought it would be fun for Stephanie to meet her and see what she's like. Well, she stayed true to herself as described by me in a previous post. She's a really friendly lady and kind of went on tangents about this and that. Her dog might have made us pee a little--that's normal. And we had a friendly visit. I had her show Steph the dining room where she has this 15-foot beeautiful dark oak dining table with beautiful chairs. Ohhh i want it. No, i want room for it and THEN i want it. Gorgeous. Anyway, it was a fun time and she was happy to meet a sister of mine. When I introduced Steph to Sarah, Sarah said "I didn't know you had a sister!" I think i have mentioned it but either way, oh well. It was fun.

After that we hopped on the bus and got off at 5th avenue where we walked several blocks to Union street where there's The Donut Shoppe. There may or may not be an extra 'pe' on that. I might've just added it myself because i want it to be spelled that way. Anyway, this place is SO fun! I went there a few weeks ago after an outing with some friends. It's this small diner with just a long bar and stools. It's very cozy and homey and family owned. 3rd generation or something. And they're Greek, and the sister's name is Effie. She and her brother run it now I think. It's so cute and New Yorky. I feel like I've talked about this before. Oh yes, i have here. It was just a few days ago under the I Heart NY post. Kind of lame that i'm sending you to an entry i posted about a week ago. Oh well. Just trying to make things easier because I'm a nice person and that's what i do. :)

After some good greasy food we started toward Prospect Park West and up many blocks to the Pavillion Theater to see a movie. But before we made 50 steps we had to get a chocolate banana shake at Uncle Louis G's, sort of a local landmark--very famous for their ice cream and shakes. Sean and i shared an eggnog shake around Christmas time as we were delivering mini-banana breads and it was de-lish. Anyway, Mmm. Add that to our fatty fatness.

We enjoyed our walk to the theater which is one of my favorite walks, by the way. PPW is such a beautiful street. Sean and I have a house there that I should take a picture of and send to you. It is one of many houses that are ours. :) White stone, towers, oh! i love it. We saw In Her Shoes which was pretty entertaining and appropriate, we thought, since it's about 2 sisters, one of which is kind of a hussy and drinks a lot and steals and stuff. Totally Steph to a T.

We took the bus home after that and then made a yummy dinner of meatloaf รก la Jen (or Better Homes and Gardens), real mashed potatoes w/the skins, gravy, and honeydew with lime. Mmm. Very tasty. Honeydew is such a great name for a fruit. If i was a fruit, I would want that to be my name. Who doesn't want to eat something called honeydew? Now, pommegranite on the other hand. what is that supposed to be? Poor pommegranite. Am i spelling that right? I'm too lazy to look, or care, really.

It's a nice day. I'm typing this blog, Sean is sitting listlessly next to me as he watches something on PBS, and Stephanie is hemming a skirt for me. All is well in Brooklyn.

Tomorrow's plan: Shopping part 2, chocolate scavenger hunt, and apple uglies later on! Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Let's discuss the rarity of Jen admiring dining tables. I'm not mocking that, because beautiful dining tables should be admired, but I am saying, "Who is this girl?"

)en said...

what? c'mon. i watch antiques road show (mostly because sean makes me, but still) :)