Friday, September 23, 2005

Ode to Andrea

Today is Andrea's golden birthday. What does that mean, you ask? Well, it means that she is turning 23 on September 23rd. GOLDEN! It only happens once, so it's extra special. Which is why she is getting her very own post on my blog, paying special tribute to her and why we she is the greatest, prettiest, rarest, shiniest gem in all the land.

Typically, odes are in some kind of form of poetry but I think that would limit me today so i'll just change the rules a bit. First, some background:

I met Andrea Jo Cartwright at BYU while living in the Monticello Apartments on 8th North. The exact date when i met her is a little fuzzy but i think it's just because I feel like i've always known her. (aww.. :) ) I think it was the fall of 2001. But I do recall being in relief society upstairs in the TC (testing center) and i was standing up doing something..handing out hymn books? Giving my love notes to the basket? We could have been on our way out, when it was done. Anyhow, the point is, we crossed paths and commented to each other and i remember thinking, and understating, she is such a cool & funny girl!

Andrea is great because she is her own person. She has so many Andrea-isms that you HAVE to love. If you don't, then i question you even being human. I love her sounds that she makes.. ha ha. that sounds weird. She just has funny sound effects, we all do. And since i can't portray them in the written word, then why am i even talking about it, you might wonder. Because i'm including everything i can think of. *ahem* Lets move on:

Andrea is small, red-haired, and hi-LARIOUS. She is the coolest girl I know. She is so quirky and funny and the nicest girl. She is kind to everyone. She is so great because she's not the kind of person that would let insecurities she may have get in the way of anything. She's bold, out-spoken, and unafraid. She is the kind of person who makes things happen. She is adventurous--the kind of person everyone needs to around to spice up life. Let me give you some examples and reasons why I love Aidr, and happy things that remind me of her:

1. First of all, she has a ton of nicknames. I am someone who needs to call someone by nicknames. I need alternates, and Andrea has a lot. Like that one day at church, when she signed her name and we all concluded how her signature looked like "Aidr J. Caq" and "Aidr" has stuck ever since. Other nicknames of note: Aidz (Don't let that one spread around), Anders, I know her friends/fam call her Annie, etc.

2. When we all sit around, bored out of our minds, Andrea is the one who makes us get up and have a marker war at Wal*mart. We even buy t-shirts and write our names on the back.

3. Andrea was probably the one who got us to do the Mario Kart Tournaments of Champions. We set it up, decorated with the flashing lights, made posters, and the whole thing has been the hugest success. I know one of MY fondest memories was winning MK Tourny I, but this really isn't about me...

4. I love Andrea and her chocolate chip pancakes. Those 2 things are pretty much synonymous. I also love EITMOT (Egg In The Middle Of Toast) and making it with her.

5. I love Andrea's video camera, and her desire to document good times and memories. I value that as well and therefore cherish her videos we've made. I watch them now and laugh as hard as i did when i was there.

6. The game Sweedish Speed. I believe Andrea was one of the original creators of this popular "be smart while moving fast" game.

7. I love that Andrea used to stay up at all hours (guaranteed) and roll out of bed in the same clothes and go to class the next day.

8. I love how low-maintenance she is. Ha ha. That may sound unfriendly but i seriously mean it in the best way possible, so much that I wish I was her in that regard (and in so many others). She doesn't focus on unimportant details.

9. All our nights at Village Inn. Can we say "second home"? And remember trying to "study" there, and the stench that infiltrated the restaurant so that we had to leave? But not before swiping pancakes off the table next to us. That brings me to my next item...

10. I love how resourceful Andrea is. Want not, waste not. She uses everything and wastes no food, regardless of the mold that may be growing there, or if the milk tastes like putrid poison. Thanks for showing me what acid-milk tastes like, Andrea. If it weren't for you, I might have never known.

11. Andrea makes everything fun. Doing something boring or dumb? If Andrea is there, those things are nonexistent. I love our home-made games involving some kind of ball while lazing around the apartment. Wasn't it me and you who threw that volleyball back and forth for like, 3 hours? No wait, that was Ruthie. I love Rus too. But this is not her ode. But, remember classics such as "Tennoon" (each person holds a ballon and tries to keep a tennis ball from hitting the floor.) and others?

12. I love our deep and serious discussions of where would be the best place to hide (on campus) if there was a T-Rex on campus. Old, crumbly Brimhall Building? HFAC and all the underground rooms? (with creepy Kurt) This is a serious issue we should all be prepared for.

13. When we visited Andrea in San Diego, she made it the BEST trip ever. She gave us a fun map of things to look out for on the drive there. She and her family could not have been more hospitable. We felt so at-home. She was the best tour guide. La Jolla, Coranado (sp), Tiajuana, the beach--where we buried Andrea and then built a whale around her. Only Andrea would happily lay in the sand with only her face showing for hours while we made the whale (Andrea's head was the eye... which we unveiled creepily to passersby) Such a good time. I was so sad to leave.

14. Remember when we played Phase 10 in the library on the 4th floor? And when that guy joined in? That was awesome. We had to whisper our insults. ***Skip me? You JERK!*** (yes, suddenly asterixes now mean "quiet voice")

15. Andrea is such a great friend. She keeps in touch even though i'm waaay over here. She calls me and we chat and she makes sure people know she cares. What a great quality, seriously. She even took a trip out here and visited us which was probably the funnest trip ever. Don't forget: NY trip part two: Lost in New York.

I'm going to stop now so i can hurry and get this thing posted, but I'm sure i'll think of more things, and when i do, i'll just add them on so keep checking back. But please add to the list yourselves! So, for now, in conclusion, happy golden birthday to Aidr J. If i had one wish for the world, it would be for everyone to have an Andrea.

Love you, sister!!


Anonymous said...

That was the bestest blog present ever. When i finished i felt like i really was carrying a giant bouquet of deformed roses. :) Nej, my life is made so very exciting and memory-filled only by friends like you who pinch their butts in the cracks and add lots of stick to their EITMOT. love you, the traditions, the good times...

thanks again, coolest kid ever. :)


)en said...

aww... no YOU are the coolest. Deformed roses--ha ha. Sorry about covering up the baby. I felt kind of weird doing that but it's still kind of funny. Hope you had a super fun b-day. :D

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i won't tell my sister you turned her child into a bouquet of roses. what can ya do? someone had to take one for the team...