Wednesday, September 28, 2005


So i logged on to write a really cool and interesting blog and now I can't think of anything at ALL. AT. ALL. I'm in a total stupor.

Well, let me tell you how I'm feeling. Right now my body feels weird, kind of out of whack. I have a headache that's been lingering since yesterday, but it's kind of a weird headache in that it feels to be mostly on the right side. But not only was it on the right side of my head, it went down the right side of my forehead, in my right eye, down my nose and through the right nostril, and on the right side of my mouth and in the right side of my throat, although--the mouth part could have been because i bit my cheek which makes a bit of it stick out which makes me bite it repeatedly no matter how often i tell myself not to. Regardless, weird, eh?

So i still have a headache, but it's more general and not so right side-oriented. And i feel kind of sick, or stale, like I ate a sock. But other than that, i'm Ok. My feet feel good. So do my elbows. Elbows. What a weird word. Let's look at it backwards. Swoble, cool! What could it mean? Possible definitions... hmmm.... maybe it means to swallow while trying to sing. like warble. That would be weird. Who would be doing that? Maybe I would be, tonight. Guess we'll see.

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