Thursday, September 22, 2005


I have a bit of a cold and took some medicine. I tell you this because that could be the reason why, when i was reading something online today and when i came to the word "has," i instantly read it as the plural form of "ha" as a noun. Like, some laughs, chuckles, chortles. Has. And i had to try really hard to get my eyes to see it the intended way--the way every other mortal on this planet would read it. Hmm. I can't speak for the gods, though. So... am i therefore comparing myself to a god? -one that finds it difficult to relate to mortal men, having to "try really hard" to do so? Ha ha. (<--look, has. 2 of them, in fact.) I think it's cool to quote oneself mere lines later. Maybe it'll help those of you with ADD who forgot what i said. I shouldn't make jokes about ADD. I even know people who have it. How insensitive am I? This definitely does not warrant any has. I need a nap, or something.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Nap definately in order. Hope you got better. But you can feel better cause i was reading the post out loud to Ruthie and read, "people who have add..." uh, what's add? i don't understand, i think to myself. oh, A.D.D. I see. it's all clear. kay. peace out.