Thursday, May 12, 2005

Reference (to the Dream)

I just thought it would be interesting for you to read that other dream i've had of large feathery creatures with giant talons. I dreamt this May 7, a year ago (<-- WHOA, almost to the day! Now it's doubly bizarre!)

Sean and I are in a park and it's a bright moonlit night. All of a sudden, these huge birds come and they're really big with long legs, sort of like Big Bird’s legs. The birds are silvery blue and they have really long wings. They're enormous. I had the feeling they weren't dangerous, though. Or at least, mean. So they're not mean but could be dangerous, kind of like how I imagine a brontosaurus would be. Anyway, so as I'm crouched behind the bumper of a car, one of them grabs Sean in its giant talons and they're just flying around and I remark, to no one, how beautiful they are.

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