Monday, May 09, 2005


Illustration courtesy of S. Morello

You thought i was kidding when I said this could also serve as a dream journal, and that i was excited about it. Suckers!

So the other night I had a very bizarre dream. It starts with my whole family and possibly others on this big aircraft of some type. I felt like stuff had been going on but I came on the scene halfway through. We're flying over the ocean in a big "plane" but it was this weird structure made of a bunch of cars--big cars, SUVs, sort of globbed/welded together and were being lifted by these enormous feathery wings. Also, beneath the structure were these giant talons and I find it extremely bizarre that I've dreamt of large feathery creatures with giant talons before. I have the feeling that these are our cars that separate and that we drive home once we land. Anyway. But, inside the aircraft it was this huge open space--just a big room. Apparently we had had Christmas in Paris and we were flying home. My mom had been given a really cool gift of expensive, really nice perfume. I got the feeling it had been THE gift of the day. People were talking on and on about it. I didn't know why.

I was sitting next to my brother Jon explaining to him why it wouldn't be cool to have a globe of the moon and then felt stupid as I remembered I had already explained this on my blog. (<-- I just typed "blob" and had to pause to chuckle.) Jon gave me a courtesy laugh anyway but it was a somewhat awkward moment. I then notice this peculiar little boy on the "plane" who is playing with a handful of dirt. He throws it back and forth in his hands and quietly observes everyone. I get the feeling that he is a boy who "makes things happen," sort of like The Golden Child. But he says nothing throughout the entire dream. And I don't know who he is but I keep staring at the dirt he's playing with which seems magnetized between his hands. No loose dirt falls to the floor.

Suddenly, we are attacked by a giant flock of crows and I feel a familiar likeness to the movie The Birds. It's a vicious attack and the giant talons spring to life as they try to fight off the crows. They somehow get inside the aircraft and start pecking people's eyes out but they aren't people I know, and I don't really take it seriously because as I'm watching this, I'm mostly noticing, much like The Birds, how very cheesy and almost laughable it is.

The crows win and our aircraft plunges to the open waters but apparently we land near an island because there's a shore and all the Christmas gifts are floating around. Everyone starts trying to retrieve them but the weird thing is, everyone can get anything they want. Like, "Did anyone want that stack of dishes?" As if they can go find them. And they do, nicely stacked, just floating along. Anything can be found, if anyone wants to find it. I can't explain this but it was really weird to me. Someone asks my mom if she wants her perfume and she says, "No, don't worry about it." So they don't bother retrieving it.

The aircraft is fixed and we resume our flight. We're attacked by the crows again and this time we land near the shore of America--NY, I'm assuming. No one really cares, as if this is as good as if we'd landed at the airport. So people start retrieving floating goods and suddenly it became apparent to me that the entire ordeal with the attacking crows never really happened. We all realize it and everyone is relieved, as if we'd all just awakened from the same bad dream. Then, we all turn and see my mom's perfume floating by and everyone laughs at the apparent irony of this that I don't understand, and also from the relief that the attack never happened. But then, our attention turns to the mysterious boy who puts aside his dirt and reaches down to grab a pad of paper and a pen. A smile is on his face and, thinking it would make a great story, he begins writing down the tale of the attacking crows. Instantly, everyone is afraid and makes futile protests because at the moment he began writing, BY writing, the boy who "makes things happen" will in fact, make the entire crow attack really happen. Everyone knows it and fearfully waits for the inevitable.

And that's how the dream ends. I really have only one thing to say about it: ???

Also, i'd like to give a shoutout to Chris who had a birthday on the 5th. Hope it was happy and full of good times!


Anonymous said...

Wow. How in the good heck to you remember your dreams in such vivid detail? I'm lucky if I wake up and can remember that one of my friends was in it. Oh, and I think we were in Logan. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, it's really weird. I have the craziest dreams sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I'll tell Chris you said happy b-day.

I don't have any comments on your dreams. I wouldn't know what to say except "did you eat paint chips as a kid," or "stop sniffing the glue" or something like that. mmpphh

Anonymous said...

Your face is glue, and i'm NOT sniffing it. Hey, i don't know why i have these dreams. I don't ask for them. They just happen. It is entertaining though. It's like I'm watching a crazy and weird movie that makes no sense but is entertaining nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

I just spoke with mom and dad who said they had a really good time with you and Sean. Being obsessed with food and the amount I can eat, I asked mom if she had any good food but she wasn't that excited to talk to me about it. So, what did you guys do while they were there? If you tell me will it take away from your May newsletter? Anywho, post you later. MMMMMPPPPPHHHHHH!

Anonymous said...

Double Mmphh to "post ya later." BOW BOW! (thumbs down) :)

I will discuss Mom and Dad's trip but will refrain from doing so on the blog. We must stick to the topic at hand! May Newsletter.. that's a good idea. But i'll email you soon and tell you about it, since you asked. We had a great time, times twelve.

Oh, about dreams... I had another one last night that i was really hot and had a sweaty back. Then i realized it wasn't a dream and felt really good about sleeping in my sweat.

)en said...

I've read Sphere! And you're right, it is good. I think i read it in like, 8th grade or something. But i thought it rocked. And yeah, that is weirdly similar to the strange boy. Interesting comparison...