Friday, May 13, 2005

the bug and i

Yesterday I came eye to eye with a bug. The only thing that came between us? My glasses. It was all i could do to refrain from throwing them in one smooth, yet reflexive swoop across the street. For one fleeting moment, I feared the bug had somehow gotten on the INSIDE of my glasses and was on its way into my pupil. But i took my glasses off and he was gone, probably just as scared as i was. Didn't I learn a lesson. Don't take your glasses for granted.

Today Sean and I got up and went to a ward family's home to clean it. They are from Jamaica and have 4 kids, the youngest (who's 1 and a half'ish) is autistic. I, along with another girl, was in charge of the bathroom. It was pretty bad, but not as bad as the kitchen which was chock full of roaches, as was the living room. I carried out to the trash a bag full of live roaches. I just kept shaking it so gravity would pull them down if they were trying to crawl out. *shudder* There were about 12 of us cleaning for about 3 hours. We made a vast improvement but they still have a long way to go. I wanted to teach them how to maintain a clean home and even suggest a job chart. :) Anyway, it's amazing people live that way. Sad. But hopefully they can keep it clean. I think I had 19 different cleaners on my hands.

A list of famous people i've seen in NY:
1) Steve Boeshemi (the guy with wonky teeth in Adam Sandler movies, Armageddon, etc)
2) John Turturro (the butler in Mr. Deeds with Adam Sandler and Steve Boeshemi, weirdly)
3) Anderson Cooper of CNN, better known for his brave on-site reporting for Channel 1.

That's about it. Pretty pathetic.

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