Monday, February 06, 2023


Well. Well, well, well.  If it isn't another post from jen.  I've come here to make a few announcements and extend an invitation.

1. I'm writing a lot this year. I made it a goal and I'm doing it. It feels amazing and terrifying and somehow calming.  As some guy on Instagram said, 

"A decision aligned with your soul brings you closer to stillness." 
-cory muscara.   

(I decided I should actually cite the source here. I think he's great.)

I think terror + calm might actually = thrill.  And thrill sounds so much better, right?  I'm thrilled to be having these projects.  And they feel very much aligned with my soul which makes me feel like I'm swimming in a pool of all my favorite things.  Which is weird because most people just like to swim in pools of water. But swimming is the accurate word here. I am swimming. My head is swimming. My heart is swimming. And I have to work and constantly move to keep swimming. It is fun and tiring. And I get to decide which favorite thing I will swim to every day. I'm happy when I get there. And it is work. I hope I can keep going. 

2. One specific project is I've started a substack newsletter.  So that people can subscribe and get my words right into their inboxes.  Which means I will probably blog here less.  Which may be sad. For me, at least.  

I am not sure what to think.  Blogger has been my home for almost 20 years. Isn't that insane? How can I leave it? I don't think I can. But it may look different. It may be a place for photo dumps and family tales, a place to put down memories so I can print them into books later.  But it feels good to evolve.  I feel ready.  I started a writing class a few weeks ago and the teacher was very careful to be sensitive to people's self-consciousness as writers or non-writers, as the case may be. To reassure there was zero pressure to feel like they had to be at a certain level and that all kinds were welcome.  She said "you don't have to publish, just write for you!"  And I thought, I've been writing for me my whole life, I'm ready to publish.  So that is my plan. 

As I've made these small decisions, crumbs to follow have been placed before me, a single one at a time. I accidentally happened on that class (which happened to take place 10 minutes away) when I was looking for an art class in Salt Lake. I am learning a lot and utilizing the group for feedback I am desperate for in terms of my projects.  I know the importance of a group.  I've received good ideas and as I've put myself further out there, I've received even more bread crumbs and help with my questions and writing frustrations. A small light is shed on each new step to take. And I am taking them.  I'm evolving. I'm migrating. Like a goose in winter. Honking at you to join me. 

I hope you'll subscribe, whoever you are, however long you've been visiting )en's log.  I also hope to keep posting here. I plan on it. I can't quit you, Jenslog!  To the readers this reaches, I sincerely thank you for being here. This blog has been my heart and my heart is expanding.  Thank you, my friends. Here's the link to my first newsletter:

Jen's substack.

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