Sunday, December 18, 2022

True Gift

 I often am pretty expressive in my feelings.  Could you guess? I can be reactive but I'm working on that. Still, I emote.  Lately (I guess) I've been emoting using the barf sound to depict my feelings.  Sometimes it really is the best, most effective way to do it.  The example I can think of is when we were watching a Hallmark-y Christmas movie and, of course, making good fun of it.  Julian had some thoughts and feelings of his own. I shared that I love the overabundance of Christmas decorations in every single room and every space on set.  I love when we're inside the struggling inn that still has funds for fifty Christmas trees, garlands everywhere, candles on every surface, wreaths on every door, just the most ornate decor that is just VOMITED all over the place.  Christmas vomit.  And of course, I do a vomit sound. I love it because it appeases the goblin inside that may want to do the same but knows it's pure insanity. BLEHHH!  

Julian delights in this vomit sound and said once, "I love your puke sounds..."   He said it so happily and so sincerely that it gave me pause.  I said, "I think that's the first genuine Julian compliment I've ever received."  It felt so good. I was just warm inside from head to toe.  T'was a true gift. And I'll keep vomit-expressing until the day I die. 

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