Saturday, December 17, 2022

Go Tell it On the Mountain

 Jesus Christ is born!

This is what I wrote on big 8x8 envelopes containing our neighbor gift this year:  A collage of mountain photos I have taken this year from the middle of the street near my house.  People around these parts, we love our mountains.  I grew up looking at this particular mountain. It's strangely familiar, an old friend, constant and unchanged.   I told Sean I made it this size because the bigger it is, the more likely people will feel pressured to frame it and hang it in their house and this thought pleases me.  But really, Utah skies kill me.  Come sunset time, you best be sure I'm looking east and not west* because the mountains capture it in insane ways. I think I tried to write a poem about this once but it fizzled and I gave up. Maybe I'll get re-inspired. 

*Also looking at mountains and talking about them is making me talk like some kind of mountain woman.  

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