Friday, December 02, 2022

Hipsters on a Hayride

 Every year in the pre-Christmas season, I start listening to offbeat, side street (what's the opposite of "mainstream?") Christmas music. Indie I guess it is.  And often it's Sufjan Stevens, who I like, but also I don't know many others whose music I generally like. If you have suggestions, please let me know. I'd love to shuffle songs by the same artist.  But I was listening to him one day and perhaps Alexa was giving me similar artists, I can't remember, but Sean came in and remarked that he always pictures "hipsters on a hayride" when he hears music like this and I sure loved it. It's a nice visual, picturing all these similar artists together, chillin' on a hayride, wearing plaid, some in Santa hats, some in beanies. Everyone's got a guitar or obscure instrument like a didgeridoo*. Cracks me up, and I think it should be the name of a compilation album. 

Who else would go on this album? No seriously, tell me, I'm looking for more hipster Christmas music.

We're all at the table while Julian does his math and I asked Sean to draw hipsters on a hayride. While I was writing this post, he was quickly sketching and finished just as I did. Here's what he presented me with. Ha ha ha! the bare feet, ha ha ha. Made for a very merry evening for me indeed. 

*Let it be known that is the FIRST time I've ever typed didgeridoo and I spelled it right! Amazing! I was shocked. Also, exciting moment. The christening of words. I'm glad it happened in the Christmas season for this one. I think I might ask Alexa to play "Christmas didgeridoo songs." You never know. 

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Alanna said...

I have no music suggestions, I'm so deep in Taylor Swift these days. But I love that drawing.