Friday, April 22, 2022

Julian Quote: Philosophy

 Julian said to me one day, 

"Whenever I get bored at school I work on a philosophy book I'm writing."

Me: "You're writing a book on philosophy?"

"It's not really a book on philosophy. It's more like a book on Julian. [ha] I talk about the hypothetical, the theoretical, and the real.  I take one thing, like how that fan is spinning.  That's the real.  And then I think, what would happen if..*gestures to ceiling*... in this situation, a gear popped out of alignment.  That's hypothetical.  Then I think, in theory, there's a gear that turns the paddles up there.  It's not necessarily real.  But it's plausible.  It's a theory.  And if the gear popped, that would stop the fan."

Me:  ...


Does anyone have ideas for me regarding what direction to best point this kid toward?  Anyone else's 12-year-old like this? Please advise. 

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