Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Julian Quote: Musing

I can't even with this kid.  Do you write down the things your kids say? Do they take on different meanings? Do you think about them later, in the dark? Do they scare you a little?  He's so weird and deep and that is such a bizarre combo.   Just kills me.  Here are two from several months ago:

"I've been musing over this all night.  It's why I've been anti-social." 

What was he musing over?? Why didn't I write that down?? I think i was too preoccupied with his using the word "musing" and his introspection and self-analysis. 

And one day he was listening to something that didn't make sense to me and I asked,

"Why do you like this song?"

He replied, "I don't! I hate it so much I can't bear not to listen to it." 

WHAT IN THE.  It's so odd and ridiculous and profound.  HOW can those three things exist together? But they do. In the form of a boy named Julian. 

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