Saturday, December 11, 2021

"Wish me luck, and fingers."

This is what Sean said to me as he headed outside to saw a frame so it would fit the picture.  Ever since the dawn of the ages [of Seanifer] he is always helping me with projects and ideas. He has framed, drawn, sculpted, shaped, concocted, formed, painted, cooked, guitared, decorated so many things for me and whatever weird idea i have, gift to give, song to perform, experiment to attempt, etc etc.  Me, I'm not so skilled in the handiwork.  Drawing I can do if I copy something. Painting as well. I'm ok at painting. Cooking? Abysmal. Decorating--sad. Sculpt--forget about it. Something formed or concocted--failure before it starts because I have a much smaller understanding of physics and the feasibility of a thing.  But if it can be done, Sean is there to try and work and saw and make it nice and pretty. I could wish him luck but I know he knows what he's doing. His understanding of the caution required for such an activity qualifies him even more.  But if he did end up losing fingers, I'd give him mine in a second. Indeed, I'd give him all the fingers in the world.  

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