Monday, December 06, 2021

Christmas Caper

 Side note: Have you ever heard the word "caper" NOT paired with "Christmas"?   "This caper is silly."  "Oh, we were out, doing some capering."  No.

One day we came home to something mysterious: a bag of cat treats on the floor that was not there before.  I surveyed the scene.  First, I looked over at the open pantry door. Then to the bag of treats. Then to the crumbs on the floor. And then finally, to the outstretched PAW.  She is terrible at covering her tracks. It's like she doesn't even care that we know. Or maybe that's her plan--being too obvious to have been the thief. 

What? Certainly it wasn't me. Why would I leave myself out in the open like this if I was the one who did this, thereby incriminating myself? I'm as shocked as you are.  

Clever girl. I will have to find the culprit. 


Alanna said...

This is hilarious. Craig doesn't understand why people love cats, but this is exactly why.

)en said...

Exactly why.

I was recently chatting with my nephew who just bought his own place and acquired two cats. After expressing our shared love he said, "I am convinced that people who don't like cats have never had a cat as a pet." Yup.