Monday, September 07, 2020

Collection of Quotes

I wrote this blog post months ago, like early March.  I think I forgot I hadn't posted it, and instead of adapting it to present day, I'm just going to post it with you knowing this was six months ago, with a few new additions.  Also, we had him tested for the flu at that time which was negative and now we're convinced he had the Covid and possibly spread it around in California from our trip which was at the end of February. So, sorry.  Sorry about that.  


Early March, 2020: 

Julian is the greatest thing in existence.  He is still recovering from the biggest doozy of illness he's ever had. He missed two full weeks of school which just sounds incredible to me. Like, what? He was so sick that first week, I wasn't sure where he had gone. I did not like it. Fever + gastrointestinal encumbrance + double ear infection + boat load o' snot and respiratory issues.  It was also a big fat bummer because he was super sick during our trip to Disneyland and did not have all his wits about him to fully enjoy.  I'm still working through the guilt of taking him on the long drive, pumping him full of meds and forcing him on all the rides, as well as enjoying with Sean the perks of quick ride-access via the wheelchair we put him in because he was so sick. But let's not dwell. 

The best thing about his recovery, other than his whole feeling good again is that we have our boy back. It felt like it took foreeeever and it was really unsettling. But he's back to his high-energy chatter of about 50 million things in under ten minutes, 15% of which I have genuine, true interest in/even slightly understand.   He's back to his jokes and brilliant one-liners and to celebrate this extremely celebration-worthy fact, I have got a stack of post-its here that need transcribing onto ye olde blog.  They range from recent to several months ago and are a tribute to this child whom I love dearly.  So let it be blogged, so let it be done.

"I'm friends with spiders as long as they don't catch me by surprise."
Ha! Cute. 
"I wish I could punch and get a satisfying thunk like Davy Crockett does."   

This is so funny and kind of adorable to me. I mean, who doesn't, kid.  I love that Sean shows him all the old things.  Julian learned how to whistle this past year and has perfected the Andy Griffith Show theme song, a show he enjoys watching.  All of the adults in the room are always entertained by him, which is usually how it goes.  He told me he tells Reader's Digest jokes to the class and his teacher is the only one who gets them.

  "It seems to me that instead of getting angry, I should just try."   

-My brain exploded a little bit at this one but in a humorous way.  I laughed while it exploded.  He was at piano and what.a.freaking.revelation.   Love the latent life lessons that I get to witness. Latent meaning I was probably on my 10,000th iteration of this idea and to hear it back was a little much for my brain. 

"Whenever I'm called up to the front of the classroom,  I have a comedian's entry."   

-I believe it.  This loner introverted weirdo is a bit of a showman.  He loves being the funny one which I deeply understand.  I basically tell him this approach to life will take him far and is a quality not to be underestimated. I think he said he tells a little joke, a warm-up for the crowd or something, and possibly does a little jig, maybe a two-handed wave. 

Julian has strong opinions, a high opinion of his opinions, and no real filter. Thus we get this one:

"Sometimes I wish God put more effort into things."  

Ha ha! I don't even know what he was talking about. It probably doesn't matter. But you can bet Julian will find ways a thing can be improved upon. 

This next one was a thinker for us and kind of came out of nowhere:

"There's no difference between too hard and too easy."

Me and Sean:  25 Hilarious Photos Of Animals Looking Shocked

I can't even remember what he meant by it, probably because I was so stuck on this line. I think he was maybe talking about school and how he's not interested if it's one way or the other. Or something. Who knows. Who will ever know.

This last one also made my brain explode a bit.   I feel like it's so beautiful and profound, but I'm still trying to figure out what it means.  I may always be, like with the others.  But i loved it:

"Words are people, you just have to write them."

Fantastic.  He likes to write and was in the midst of telling me his thoughts and feelings on words and the personalities he feels they have, which is just right up my alley.  15% might sound like a small amount of things he says that I'm interested in but you do not know the enormous volume of things this kid can rattle off to me at any time during the day.  So it's actually quite a lot.  And the problem with this is that the 15% is SO GOOD that I have to pay rapt attention to everything else, lest I miss it, and I do not want to miss it.  It's a challenge but one I [mostly] enjoy.   But back to this quote--seriously? Are you being serious right now? It's just so good. Excuse me, I need to go continue thinking about it some more and perhaps get it embroidered onto something.


Ash said...

Ah, this kid... Wit and monumental insight aplenty. We can all learn from him. Also, I'm totally on the same page about spiders. Don't surprise me and don't get on me, but otherwise, we can live peaceably. And I can totally imagine his comedian's entry! I want to be in his class to see it.

)en said...

Julian told me he’s not nearly as funny to us as he is to you. We don’t laugh as much, apparently. So thanks for being a good crowd.