Sunday, March 29, 2020

Best Disney Song Ever

Well, it's Sunday today.  And on this day of rest, I'd like to share a project I've been vigorously working on this week.  A few years ago, Sean and I were on a plane and came across a Disney song bracket thing that helps you whittle down all the Disney sounds to the very best one, according to you. It was in an Entertainment Weekly and it engrossed our attention for much of the time.  I admit I think I knew before which one I would pick but I tried to be neutral in all my decisions and it was a very interesting and at times difficult bracket to fill out. I mean, as brackets go. I've thought a lot about it since then and recently, I found it again online. I hope I've found an image that is high enough resolution to see it ok but I encourage you to print this, fill it out with loved ones and see what conclusion you come to.

If it's not, see if you can search for it and find a good one. It's definitely worth your time and attention.  And, here is my answer, in case you were curious:

Special thanks to Julian for being AMAZING.

I have shared this with several friends and challenged them to a lip sync battle and do the same to you. But at the very least, filling out the chart is super fun and just the right kind of brain power required during this weird and wacky time.  

Good luck! Report back with your answer. 

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