Wednesday, January 15, 2020

New Year Thoughts

Well it's the new year.  2020 is bound to be awesome, right? I even get a little thrill whenever I write the date.  It's got to mean something. It will. 

Well, the holidays were awesome and now we are back to real life.  It looks like this:

Jen and Sean struggling to get enough sleep.
Julian complaining about school and math.
Scheduling out the week in fine but kind of boring ways.
Jen desperately looking for fun things to fill in the cracks here and there.
Sean and Julian going running at the rec center.
Jen and Julian reading a lot.
Jen listening to music.
Sean and Jen watching The Bachelor.
Jen trying to get Julian to do new things and get all his needs met.
Sean working a lot and being exhausted from it.
Sean working on art when he can.
Sean teaching Julian things and spending time with him.
Sean cooking some. Using Julian as sous chef.
Jen "cooking" some. Hey-- i made a new soup the other day and it rocked. So that was real.
Friday night movie parties.
Everyone engaging the cats in some way.
Jen writing and thinking and writing and thinking.

That's a good summary.  It got pretty long and increasingly boring there in the end, didn't it.  But speaking of thinking, I have had a few scattered thoughts throughout my days that I thought important to record here. Let's begin:

1. I keep drooling on my yoga mat.  It's happened twice recently. It's embarrassing, but super funny to me.  But you can't like, laugh out loud.  I wonder if others see it.  I'm tempted to look to the side of me to see, but I resist.  I'm in the middle of some vinyasa flow and I come up from upward dog to downward dog and whoops--there it goes! And I hastily yet smoothly try to cover/absorb it with my body the next time I come down and it's just so entertaining to me. I don't know why it keeps happening.  I think I just need to keep my mouth shut. This will be a lesson to work on my ujjai breath (in and out through the nose). A lot of things go down during yoga and I am amused.

2. On that note, I tried hot yoga for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It was kind of awesome. First, I sweated my body weight. It was so very stifling bordering on suffocatingly hot, but I got over it because it warmed my joints and ligaments and everything else immediately and I was able to do all the moves with such greater range of motion and ease. I felt extremely bendy, over the enormous sweat puddle below.  But it felt good to sweat, and wipe it up with my full-size towel. It affected my mind as well. The mind is such a powerful presence during yoga (that is the stupidest sentence ever-and reminding me of this). You develop this strange, close connection and come to know it very well. And I thought how interesting, when introducing a new environmental element like crazy and intense heat, how that affects the balance of that relationship. How you have to maintain the established self in these new circumstances. 

3. I had a thought just yesterday and it was this: Oh, how I wish, when I do a google search, I could insert something like "NOT PINTEREST" and have that be filtered out of my results. I would be so happy. So, so happy.  

4. It was quite blizzard-y for a moment a few days ago and as I was driving in it, I saw a person wearing a long, hooded coat walking on the sidewalk along the road. As I passed I delightfully saw that they were reading a book, outstretched in front of them (but very close to their face, because--blizzard) and my immediate thought was, not all heroes wear capes.  It was awesome.

5. I recently read an article about how throwing your apple core out the window has disastrous effects on the local, wild apple trees that are native to the area.  Because new apple trees sprout from your discarded seeds and they don't necessarily belong there, which wreaks havoc on the native ones, creating hybrids that aren't meant to be there.  And I had this thought come to me-- "stay wild."  And the importance of that. And I thought about carelessly introducing "invasive species" into ecosystems and environments, and considered that literally and figuratively.  And I liked it. And I thought maybe I can turn this into something.  But then again, maybe not. Click here for the article, though. 

6. Sometimes I just don't know what to think about this kid of mine.  Last night was the democratic debate which we've been doing our best to keep up on and he is SO into it.  In the beginning when there were twice as many candidates on the debate stage, we'd quiz him on who they were and he knew it! We tried to explain issues and what was going on but he really kept up rather well. We try not to influence him a ton, hoping he'll develop his own opinions about whatever, in general. But he's got some strong ones, I will tell you.  Last night he had a conflict in his sched that would dip into 30 minutes of the debate and he was really stressed about it.  "But I can't miss this debate! I have to be there! I love politics!"   Ha ha(????)

7.  Speaking of the lad,  here's a funny one from a few nights ago that made Jen look super dumb and Julian look a million times smarter, and better.  Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration. But maybe not.  Here's the dialogue:

JEN to Sean:  I think I'm feeling World War Z-y. 
SEAN: Oh y--- 
JULIAN, running over excitedly:  Oh REALLY?! Now you're talking!  
JEN: What? You wouldn't like it, it's super scary, remember? [i've told him the plot in great detail before] All the zombies? 
JULIAN:  Ohh... I thought you said "World Wars-y," like you wanted to talk about the World Wars.  
JEN: uhh... hahaha, no.  The zombie movie.  

So funny, and lame on my part.  Two thoughts on this: 1) I love World War Z. I don't know why, but I do. 2) Julian is on a major WWII kick and history in general, and we feed this fire by parking him in the history section at the library and just throwing books at him.  He reads a ton and it's THUH best.  I pray that this continues and also I should probably read some of those books as well. 

And those are all the thoughts for you at this time. When I finished typing them, I decided to go up and bold all of the statements that include "thoughts" or "I think" just so you don't miss them, these very important thoughts of mine. Hopefully they inspire you to think your own thoughts, and may they kick us all off into a new year of magic and thoughtful possibilities.

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