Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Google Kid

If you want to know your kid's interests, let them google stuff on your computer/device.  Sean retrieved his ipad a few days ago and gleefully discovered some things in the search history.  He told me, "we need to track Julian's search history on this ipad..."  And at first I thought he meant, be aware of what he's googling so we can monitor and put a stop to anything untoward.  No, he meant that what he's found is kind of hilarious and we need to write it down.  So I had him do it on a post-it note and here I am today, recording the things in my blog from post-its that dot this house-scape.

In Julian's recent googling history, and it was in hopes of making a purchase, I need to add:

  • real ultralight planes that fly
  • real ultralight helicopters fly
  • ultralight trike
  • ultralight trike that is pedal powered
  • ultralight plane that is pedal powered
  • plane models that fly with people inside
  • ultralight plane that fly with people inside
  • non-model ultralight plane
  • pedal plane that flies
  • small airplane
  • small helicopter
  • $20 real airplane
  • planes for sale cheap
  • cheap Lego star destroyer
  • cheap Lego death star
"planes for sale cheap."  Haha! He kept excitedly finding "steals" for $30 only to realize it was like, the plans for a model.  So funny. I love the funny and unexpected things that document a time in history.  Things you'd never think. Like grocery lists. 

As a bonus, here are some more things I've found on aforementioned scattered post-its that need to be jotted down so I can toss them:

This is dated 7/18/19:

(Julian had a deep morning voice)

JEN: Did you grow up last night?

JULIAN: Well, I had this strange dream last night and I felt super, super tall.


"Every day's an adventure for me. I just love my life."

This is so great. And reminds me of the thing he said the other night at bedtime:  "I never have bad days. I'm never sad," when just a few days ago he ranted and moaned and cried about all the terrible things he's having to endure in his life.  I love this emotional roller coaster way about him.  How he feels intensely and forgets sometimes. I understand this ride well and am here for it.  


After a prayer:

"Sometimes I like to put some humor into the conversation."


And here's a bonus quote from Sean.  He was brewing a huge pot of wassail over Christmas and it was quite the Christmas witch's potion by the end.  Cider and cranberry juice and a billion oranges, star anise, so much cinnamon.  A pinch of this and a dash of that. We've ("we've") never really made it before and it was super fun. Just cook and stir and add things and brew and brew and brew.  It turned out really, really good.  Sean enjoyed it, and as he was stirring and brewing, said,

"A lot of things I cook I don't want to put my head over and smell like."

(But that one, he did, I am assuming)

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