Sunday, December 22, 2019

Merry Blitzmas

Ah, that age-old tradition reminiscent of a Dickensian Christmas.  The big seasonal photo blitz of all my random pics I don't know what to do with.  God bless us, everyone. 

{cat heart eyes emoji}

next year's christmas card? I'm honestly considering it. it's just so beautiful. {sob}

cinnamon roll!

cleaning out my mom's silverware, I found SEVEN butter spreaders. Who has this many?? And why??
 I attempted to lay them in order by age, starting with the original... ever. in history.

A Christmas Carol, going on... 4 times? 5? A kid puked in front of us but hearing a terrifying
Jacob Marley scream "MANKIND WAS MY BUSINESS" made it worth it. 

How Julian signs his name these days. His own personal symbol/logo? It's called an Evil Entity, just fyi. He's been drawing them since he was small and it came from a TV show, i think.  At least that's what I tell myself. 

i think the heap of candy wrappers really adds something to this nativity scene. 

"Dessert charcuterie" a la our profesh chef friend. The best.  Everything on here is fancy x 10. 

Art: In sculpture and 2D form.  As Sean said, "The regular rules of clutter don't apply at Christmas." 
Cider's in the keg.  This pot is huge. Look at Sean wassailing all over the town. 

Making my neighbor pal's longtime dream of caroling around a Christmas tree with a
bunch of other neighbors-- a dream I made fun of repeatedly-- finally a reality. We surprised her.
She cried.  It was awesome. I'm sitting with an autoharp on my lap. 

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Joel said...

That photo of Julian with the cat looks like he's eating a huge slice of watermelon.