Saturday, December 21, 2019

Puzzling Christmas

We've been in the midst of a Christmas puzzle blitz. It's been great fun.  We had a couple of our own and I was close to buying some more online when I then had the thought, hmm.. maybe I'll check with my mom first.  Turns out it was the right decision because after she brought me to her multiple puzzle cupboards, I brought home like SEVEN wintery/holiday-y puzzles.  All 300 piecers which was my requirement.  Puzzle swapping definitely needs to be a thing.  Maybe I'll bring this up at the next staff meeting at the library... which I am not necessarily invited to.

I got a picture of all but one of the puzzles done this season.  Some were more challenging than others. Some were more fun.  Some were super weird, like this one:

Photoshop, USA.  Everything was weird and distorted.  Is that cardinal HUGE or the mailbox tiny?  How far away is everything in relation to one another?? Nothing is determinable and it was kind of the best.  If I were to design puzzles, it might be something like this, to cater to those puzzlers out there who also like to feel like they're in a bit of a nightmare.  7/10

The three chefs were surprisingly challenging.  A lot of overlapping colors and patterns here. Mildly fun.  I'd give it a 6/10.

Dress up kittens. Sadly we didn't get a pic of this one but I'd give this a 10/10.  Practically perfect in every way. So good.

The one looking in the mirror gets me every time.

We have another puzzle with the edges put together. But give us a free night and we can get 'er done in one go.  I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Also my amaryllis is out of control. It's supposed to bloom at Christmas and it was days--DAYS early. I love it though. Also I had to say it backward in my head to figure out how to spell it (sillyrama). 

Lastly, here is a video of us finishing a most perplexing puzzle-- you know, the kind where you're at the final piece and it doesn't fit.  ???  Less into the jigsaw variety, Julian was super into this puzzler because of the mystery aspect. Why would it not fit?!  Someone solve it! Anyway, I'll let you watch this most exciting puzzle conclusion, dare I say the most exciting there ever was in puzzle history. That's right! Puzzle history.  Also, this was actually done earlier this year but is definitely worth including.   Here you go:

Happy puzzling!

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Joel said...

My parents gave us a potted amaryllis bulb when we visited just before Christmas. Now I know what it will probably look like :)