Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Gross Foods

We've come across some distasteful food items recently and acquired a list of three which = can be made into a blog post!  But they just made me laugh through the disgust.

1. Sean sent me this picture. I first laughed at the name and foulness:

But what Sean said about it made me laugh more:  "The "Mayocue" is totally gross but what offends me more is 'saucy sauce.'"   {cry laugh emoji}  Really?? "CUT. Print it. Put it on the label."

The next one I spotted at TJ's and had to send a pic to Sean.  "Did you want me to pick you up your favorite?"  All of this could not be more opposite of Sean.

mmm..ketchup flavored. what a good idea.

This last one was amusing. Found on the top of a container of cottage cheese. Don't you love when the advertisers are desperate to make their product appealing? Especially when it's trying to be fancy. Always, though, your reaction is not what they want you to do-- "ooo, i never thought to do that!"  Instead it's, "NO. NEVER."

Raspberry hazelnut snack bites.  Just grab a nilla wafer, some Nutella, a dollop of cottage cheese, topped with a raspberry! Tres elegant.



Sean sent me this the other day:

"I didn't know I was supposed to be checking for that."

Which brings up the question: was it always this way? Or are you now making them with real chocolate? Also it's not like I was under the illusion that Hersheys comes from the finest cacao of Venezuela.  But putting "real" on the package is drawing attention in a way that I don't think shines positively for you.

I told him of a bag of chocolate-covered pretzels I used to like until I couldn't shake bad feelings I got when I kept reading "chocolate-flavored" and not just "chocolate."

Sean then told me that McDonald's used to sell "Chocolate-y chip cookies." and how he was like, wait... that might just be cute, but it also might be some legal thing. 

Chocolate-y chip! makes me lol. Now you know what to say when you're not using real chocolate. "What's in this, chocolate?"  "Mm-hmm, it's chocolate-y! Would you like some chocolate-y cake?"

Is nothing chocolate anymore?

Anyway..that's about it.  CUT! Print it.

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