Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Best Dream

This morning I woke up an hour before my alarm.  Unacceptable! I said in my head.  And even though I was a little hot and needed to use the bathroom I refused to get up and relinquish the possibility of more sleep.  This works about 50% of the time and this round I had the happy fortune to achieve a few more minutes of sleep.  And not only that, but was bestowed with the best treat of a dream and let me tell you, what a gift it was:

I was hanging out with some friends, perhaps in a break room at an office where we were all having lunch and chatting.  Among the friends happened to be two people I wish I was buddies with in real life: Tony Shalhoub and Thomas Haden Church.  And the funny thing is that nobody was talking about how they were both on Wings, because first and foremost we were just friends, but at one point someone in the room started talking about their favorite Tony Shalhoub role and people began mentioning more prominent or recent characters he played:

"Well, I loved Monk...." and "Oh, mine is Abe Weissman" (on Marvelous Mrs Maisel).

And then I busted out with, "Well, you know who mine is.  How about Antonio??"  And everyone laughed because it was from so long ago, perhaps is a little obscure, and maybe embarrassing for him, our good buddy Tony.  This gave me the opportunity to say how I used to watch Wings everyday after school in Jr. High and it was my favorite. Thomas (Thomas Haden?) was joining in the laughter and I didn't even get into how much I loved his character Lowell, but I didn't have to. Because he knew. Because we were best friends.  And then I woke up.   BEST DREAM GOOD MORNING!

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Joel said...

I loved Wings. That is a fantastic dream.