Wednesday, January 09, 2019

We Got the Beet

There are little moments in my life where I'm extremely pleased with myself.  And I delight myself to no end.  And if someone else gets what i'm going for and adds to it, I know they are a keeper and I must hold onto them and never let them go.  For example, the other night Sean was making some food and was slicing up some beets. One of them slipped and fell to the floor. 

JEN: Did you drop a beet, Sean? (😀) Did you miss a beet?  (😀😀)

SEAN: I just can't keep a beet.



Joel said...

This is just the best.

Joel said...

P.S. Whenever I type in the URL for your blog, I pronounce it in my mind as if your name were Norwegian. "Yen's Log."

)en said...

This pleases me