Sunday, December 02, 2018

Here We Come A-Caroling

I have thoughts and opinions about caroling. I haven't done it a whole lot but i have learned a few things about it and one is that it's much more fun being the caroler than being caroled to, which, I think we can all agree, is a pretty uncomfortable position to be in. Like, oh I didn't realize, by answering the doorbell, I was committing to standing at my freezing doorstep for _____ amount of minutes, forced to listen to an unsolicited choir concert.  It feels a little bit like an ambush. And, as the caroler, it's really enjoyable to watch that, or ambush someone else, in general.  I told some friends recently, "the next time we get caroled to, i'm going to like, jump down and join them so we're all singing to no one. OR, grab my flute and play along and make them super uncomfortable. Joke's on you!"  

I'm not really a huge caroling Scrooge but I do think it's a funny thing. I have a friend who has caroling wishes every year.  She lives across the street from me and expressed a desire one year to do some kind of caroling game where you travel around, and pick up people you sing to so you get an increasingly larger group as you go on.  Or something about standing outside in our little elbow sac (it's not pronounced enough to be a full-sized "cul de." Also, "elbow sac" sounds gross and makes us laugh) and just start singing and see who joins in.  I first teased her, "and then we all hold hands and sway as we're singing?"  Cue all the little Whos in Whoville-- 

Fahoo Fores Dahoo Dores
Welcome Christmas Come this way!

And then I told her it sounded really fun but I was probably going to be busy. 

I've only really caroled once in recent years. It was last year and we were dropping off some gifts for friends and I wanted to subject them to some caroling, as a joke.  But we condensed all the songs so it was a shorter experience. Like this:

We wish you a merry Christmas--

--and a happy New Year!


Silent night, holy night--
--Sleeeeep in heeeeavenly peeeace.


 It came upon a midnight clear--
--to hear the aaangels siiing!


Sort of singing just the introduction of a few songs and that's all. It works pretty well.  They're either grateful you didn't make them listen to a full verse (or more) or you leave them wanting more, just giving them a little taste, which is always a good way to go. And again, it's fun to make people listen to you and watch them squirm a little. T'is the season!


Reta said...

Ahhh - Caroling! One of my favorite un-favorites. We did for years carol, though, go around the neighborhood, singing one song while each family got their coats and join us. When we had gathered everyone up - picking up our Jewish friends last - we all went to our house for hot chocolate and cookies. It was a fun tradition - more for gathering than singing.

The un-favorite part is, like you stated, waiting for the carolers to finish their five or ten songs and move on.

No - really my ultimate un-favorite was a week or so after Jim died when the "widow and orphan" soothers came by to cheer me up, specifically stating that was their mission. Here you are in a club you never wanted to join, and they seem so proud to let you know you are now a member. Of course I may be just a tiny bit prickly about the whole thing. And, after 18 years, I can now at least smile at carolers.

)en said...

Oh my goodness, this is an unforgettable caroling experience indeed. Well, it sounds about right. Those carolers really took it up a notch and asked themselves, "what can we do to REALLY make this person feel uncomfortable?" I laugh at "widow and orphan soothers" though. I feel like this needs to be delved into deeper. Also 5 or 10 songs-- spot on! Always feels so long. I wish you knew in advance how many songs you were in for. One time we had carolers come and it was BITTERLY cold out and they sang several songs. You could tell they were just miserable but they persevered. I kind of wanted to do a "cut!" sign and just end it. "Thanks guys! Stop. Just stop it. GO HOME. Merry Christmas!"
Love your comments, Reta.

Joel said...

I am not certain I have ever been caroling. But tonight Sam is going with the youth to do it. Should I join them?

There are a couple pretty good Studio C skits about caroling:

And finally, it's funny that "elbow sac" sounds gross considering what cul de sac actually means.


)en said...

Ha! That IS funny. I like it. I wonder what a lay term would be for that. Intestinal junction? turn? nook?

That Celine video is pretty good. I esp like the radiant shedding of the cloak, a la Gandalf the white. Good stuff. The other video starts well ("oh--ok, you're not done yet") and then went down a weird road. Thanks for continuing to try with me & Studio C. Don't give up, Joel.