Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Christmas Prayers

The little bits of conversation we have these days are just jewels to me. And I seize them and tuck them away in my pocket (aka publish on my blog) because I love them so.

JULIAN: I always wake up early on Christmas morning and wait around for you for so long. This year, we should have a penny or something baked in a treat and whoever gets it gets to decide the wake up time Christmas morning.

JEN: Uhhh.. I don’t know about that. You don't wake up that much earlier than us, do you? I thought we all woke up about the same time.

JULIAN: Oh yes I do. I'm awake sooo long before you. I actually say prayers so that you’ll wake up.


Joel said...

My parents used to say nobody was allowed to bother them before 7. It worked pretty well, although I tended to go out and snoop around. Eventually my dad taped a sheet across the doorway to the living room to keep me out of there in the middle of the night. My oldest brother used to find packages hidden before Christmas and stealthily open and reseal them.

My kids are weirdly non-snoopers. Even when Katie was wrapping presents the other day, she just asked the kids to leave the room and they did. They don't even obey that kind of request under normal circumstances.

)en said...

So funny. I feel like there are kids who will stop at nothing to find out and the kids who don't want to know.

We are definitely into the "don't ask, don't tell" phase, (regarding the Santa stuff) but he drops blatant hints and i'm like, mm-hmm. It's a funny little dance. I have all the wrapping paper under my bed from last year and Julian found it and i was like, what i as wrapping presents. I feel like we're going to get to a point where we say everything but "Santa doesn't give you presents, I do." And we will never say those words.

Taping up a sheet is hilarious. Classic! Also: 7:00-- {nervous teeth}