Saturday, April 14, 2018

Weird Side

Several days ago, Julian and I picked my mom up in the car for an IHop breakfast. Grandma loves her harvest grain pancakes.  It's fun because I think she loves pancakes just as much as I do, or perhaps it's the other way around.  We discussed our mutual love over breakfast, and how there are some places where we order the same thing every time and we don't care if it's boring because it's always what we want and we never regret it.  Another example is Coldstone, and how we both get the chocolate ice cream + banana each and every time. 

In the car ride, she mentioned that apparently April is Frog Month and asked Julian what he thought about that. He didn't have much of an opinion other than wondering what that could possibly mean--like, are they everywhere? do they shoot up out of the chimney??  And i said something about a pestilence which then, naturally, led to a discussion on how completely disgusting x a million frogs are.  I went to a frog exhibit at the Natural History Museum in NY like 14 years ago and among the cool frogs in the tanks were displays of info and facts and each one I read made me want to ralph harder than the last. I left the exhibit pretty shook up, to be honest.   I gave my mom and Julian an example of their utter repulsion by recounting this story I had the misfortune of stumbling upon.  Thoroughly grossed out, they wondered aloud why God would make such a thing to which Julian replied, 

"Maybe he has a weird side." 

Which made us laugh and concur.  He definitely does. Also reminded me of this conversation.  

But for some reason, every now and then frogs keep hopping into my life and I don't know why.  Whatever the case, happy Frog Month, I guess, everyone. If you'd like to celebrate in a less vile, more enjoyable way, click here for what remains the best thing in my life.

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Joel said...

No frog eye salad for you, then?

When we watch The Muppet Movie sometimes I think about my kids watching a sadistic creep obsessed with frogs' legs. Not being from the south it's a little odd to me.