Monday, April 13, 2015

Drawbacks of the Meridian of Time

JEN: I sure am eating a lot of honey these days.

SEAN: Jesus ate a lot of honey, Jen.

JEN: Yeah. He probably had a sweet tooth.

SEAN: And he probably knew that there would one day be a lot of sweet alternatives and he was like, maaan, this is all we get.   The drawbacks of the meridian of time.

JEN, laughing and laughing:  That is sooo funny. I love that. Where are my post-its?

SEAN: I think about that all the time. The circumstances of his life. He was the creator of the world and lived in poverty.  Like water. No clean, good-tasting water. Just a lot of wine and grape juice. And, he was probably like, "we sure eat a lot of chickpeas." 


Ashley said...

One of the best post titles of all time.

)en said...

It's true. It hardly even needs any explanation. The title stands alone. err.. holds up? or.. The title holds its own? The title is good by itself. There.