Thursday, December 14, 2017

Simple Joy

Yesterday I was driving in a new area and, unfamiliar, needed my GPS to guide me around. I always enjoy giving personalities to inanimate things and obviously Siri is an easy target. 

I had my Bing Crosby pandora station playing and at one point Siri was so confused as to where to direct me and while she struggled to find her way, the music also interfered and it made it sound like she was trying to tell me where to go but couldn't because the @#$% music kept interrupting her! And she got more and more flustered and annoyed.  Here's how it sounded:

MUSIC: O come all ye faithful...

SIRI: Turn left at---

MUSIC: JOYFUL and triumphant!

SIRI: Turn left--

MUSIC: O come, ye...

SIRI: Turn left at

MUSIC: O come ye...

SIRI: Turn left at the--

MUSIC: to Bethlehem...

This went on for quite a long time and had me lol'ing by the end.

It's the simple joys.

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