Monday, December 04, 2017

Christmas Order Form

Julian's still a Santa believer but has no desire to actually visit any kind of Santa.  It does not excite him; he has no interest, saying that he communicates to him via letter only.   There are probably real reasons for this like maybe the seeds of doubt have been planted deep in his subconscious but he's not ready to yet face them. Whatever the reason, he's all about the list. Now, most children make a nice, relatively short list full of what you might call their Christmas wishes.  It's a Christmas wish list.  Not to Julian.  To him it's basically an order form, as he's stated several times things like, "I'm going to order that for Christmas."  And it just keeps getting longer. Sean and I adamantly and repeatedly explain to him that that is NOT how it works, and maybe this is more indicative of my amazon habits, but nevertheless! {point making finger emoji} You do NOT "order" Christmas presents!    He has become a tad entitled you might say, and most of the things, especially the big ticket items Santa is decidedly NOT getting him for Christmas, which we think may be in his best interest.

Every once in a while when I feel like Julian's becoming a little too spoiled or not sharing, I have to switch over to "sister" mode and fight him for taking a turn on something. I'd say 70% of it is me wanting to teach him and 30% is legitimately wanting a turn.  For example, we have several advent calendars we both enjoy and most of the time I'll let him do them.  But this morning I went down to the lego advent with him because I think it's our favorite and I said, "Hey can I do this one?"  Probably asking is my first mistake. Regardless, he said he wanted to do it.  And I said that I wanted to do one, so it could be today's or tomorrow's, he can pick, but we're taking turns.  He was not on board with this. As I often do in these situations I explained to him that some families have a bunch of kids and they all have to learn to take turns because there are so many of them, and I use the example of our friends were there are six children 8 and under.  They know how to share and take turns because they must. There must be order in the world and their mother runs a tight ship. He must learn these things too.  He considered this and understood, and chose today as his day. I love that my explaining the purpose, the lesson, would at all sway him, and that he'd relent in the end. He's the best.  Super spoiled, and the best.  

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