Friday, December 22, 2017

Miracle Card

I looove Christmas cards. Who doesn't? Receiving them and sending them.  I don't consider myself terribly traditional but this is one thing I insist on every year. It's a must. I love it. I'd be super sad if it somehow failed to happen. I'm loving all of the cards we've received but something I'm noticing is there's a bit of a lack of the old traditional Christmas cards. Like, foldover cards.  I appreciate seeing people's updated families but there's something about a card with a nice Christmas scene that I'm kind of missing.  

Once upon a time 1.5 months ago, I went to New York. I visited the MoMA and saw great stuff. Afterward, I helped myself over to the MoMA store and if you're familiar at all, you know why. It has the coolest stuff. Art + design + function + innovation. It always feels like the gift shop of the future.  I love it. And in there, I saw a shelf of the besssst holiday cards. I'm always a sucker for the pop-up and all of these were pop-ups.  One in particular gave me major heart eyes and covetousness.  But I somehow couldn't justify getting it, and then I proceeded to forget all about it.

Fast forward to today after Sean opened up some work mail. The company mail has lately been changed so that it forwards to him which = super lame for us because it's a ton of junk in our mailbox that is never for us.  However, though most of it is garbage but some, like the Christmas catalogues, I love.  And another thing I love is the Christmas cards. I don't even care that it's not addressed to us personally, I will totally take that card and keep it as my own. Apparently I don't have very high Christmas card standards.  And today Sean came out and said,"look at this card," sent to the company with a very impersonal message from another company. And it took me a minute but I said, "wait... is that from the MoMA store??"  And he looked and indeed it was! and it was like a Christmas card miracle! like it had truly been meant for me all along and had found me at long last (in a very roundabout way).   {insert twinkling stars/miracle emoji}

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